Prayer. Vitebsk-2015
Interview. Evening Vitebsk-2015
Voice. Vitebsk - 2015
Let Birds Will Tell - 2015
Made in Belarus - 2015
R.Alehno. Vitebsk. 2015
R.Alehno.Star hour-2015
See You Soon!
Vitas. I will Give You
G.Matveychuk. O Sole Mio
Alleluia. Duet with A.Makeeva
A.Makeeva. In the blue sea
Vivo Per Lei. Duet with A.Makeeva
G.Matveychuk. Caruso
Voice. Duet with A.Makeeva
Vitas. Opera#2
Vitas. Only You
Vitas.My Grandma Smokes...
Voice. Gleb&I.Vatshenko
G.Matveychuk. Danseni'aria
A.Makeeva.Letters from front